About Us

Learn Student is an Online Quran Tutor Sector.  Which Provides online Islamic Teaching.  Teaching for Muslim students across the world. Those Muslims who want to learn about Islam.  And Quran online by  the way of different courses. We provide best way to learn Quran and Islamic education. Learn Student provide different courses which are listed on here.  Our Teachers  teach with different ancient and modern methods of teaching.

We are providing Our services to every individual anywhere in the world. Who has access to a high speed internet. Our complete courses include:

  • Quran Reading Education for Beginners 
  • Tajweed Classes for Advance learners 
  • Quran Translation 
  • Basic Islamic teachings
  •  Memorization of Holy Quran 

Our Aim

Every Muslim knows the importance of learning Quran. Learn Student is established with the aim to spread. The knowledge of the religion Islam and Quran. Being a Muslim, our aim also includes the establishment of the religion Islam. We are promoting Online Quran teaching with the latest technology.  We have been teaching Quran and Islam for many years. And have the aim to spread the light of Islam across the world.

About Our Tutors

Teaching Quran is a task of big responsibility. So in order to fulfill this responsibility we hire the best tutors.  Their selection is made on the basis of their educational background. Giving the Online Quran Classes to our students. We hire full-time tutors. To convey the words of Quran and its authority to the next generation. Our Quran teacher have knowledgeable. Punctual and practical to be a role model. And having knowledge of Tajweed to teach our Muslim Kids and Adults.

The main features of the tutors include

  • Highly Qualified and Experienced in Quranic and Islamic Teachings.
  • Fully Trained
  • All the tutors are Huffaz-e-Quran
  • Completely aware of Recitation rules.
  • Both Male and Female Tutors
best way to learn quran

Muhammad Ishaq

Online Quran Tutor with Tajweed

best way to learn quran

Khalid Mehmood

Online Quran Tutor with Tajweed and Translation

best way to learn quran

Abdul Razaq

Online Quran Tutor with Tajweed

Khadija Ali

Online Quran Teacher with Tajweed and Translation

Muhammad Ashfaq

Online Quran Tutor with Tajweed

Abdul Jabar

Online Quran Tutor with Tajweed and Translation

Ameer Hamza

Online Quran Tutor with Tajweed


Online Quran Teacher with Tajweed

Our Online Quran Teaching Staff

Learn Student is a reliable Online Quran Institute. Which offers teaching Quran for child to worldwide Muslims. Learn from our expert male and female teachers. You can learn from the comfort of your home. Male and female students of any age can take part of the world. To learn the holy Quran with us. We give flexibility to students to take classes at their schedule. If you hire a tutor from  Learn Student. You will be satisfied and happy. We ensure the quality of our teaching. We offer the teaching services for a variety of courses. Now you can learn the Online Quran and religion at your home.

Best way to Learn Quran

Learn Student provide you and your kids best way how to learn Quran. Our experts Quran tutors help you and your kids. They separated the Quran concentrate into bit by bit courses that take you or your children from the novice level to dominating the Quran and in any event, instructing it to other people.

To learn Quran, you should firstly start with the basics of Quran reading. Figure out how Arabic letters are connected together or isolated. Also, how to understand words, at that point short sentences and long sentences.

Once you have learned the basics of the Quran, it’s time to learn how to recite the Quran in best way. To dominate the recitation of the Quran, one necessities to dominate in “Tajweed“. Tajweed (The sentence structure of the Quran) comprises the guidelines and guidelines one requirements to continue in recitation to make it lovely and exact.


Best way to learn Quran